Education programmes

The Diplomatic Academy is a departmental higher education institution established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The Diplomatic Academy trains specialists on the basis of the License for Carrying out Educational Activity within the framework of the education programs listed in the Appendix. Series 90L01 (in Cyrillic: 90Л01) dated April 21, 2016.

Upon completing the main professional education programs, graduates are awarded state-recognized higher education degrees.

The main education programs of the Diplomatic Academy have the Certificate of State Accreditation: series 90A01 №0002126 dated June 22, 2016.

The Diplomatic Academy offer degrees in three levels:

Level 1 – Bachelor’s degree

Level 2 – Master’s degree

Level 3 – Ph.D. degree.

The Diplomatic Academy also offers programs of additional professional education. The main ones are programs of retraining and advanced training of Russian and foreign diplomats run by the Faculty of Retraining and Advanced Training of Diplomatic Workers.

A wide range of programs is offered by the Department of Professional Retraining. Among other additional education programs, of special importance are programs of pre-university training and programs of foreign language learning run by the Department of Enrollment and Additional Education Services. Foreign language learning courses, run by The Foreign Language Learning Centre, enjoy special popularity.