Special Projects

Rapidly changing modern world with its high level of technology and information faces a major task of training specialists capable and willing to accept its changes and acquire information. Today more than ever before the ability to change quickly and become proficient is in high demand and specialists on international affairs and international law require these qualities.

The Diplomatic Academy at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated exclusive platforms for international experts to exchange views on international relations and to increase the level of professional knowledge and skills of specialists on international relations and all those interested in the issue.

"Global talk" is a project organized by the Diplomatic Academy along with TV channel “Russia 24” in the format of a friendly conversation of Rector of the Diplomatic Academy Alexander Yakovenko with professional politicians from different countries, acknowledged experts in economics, science, security and other fields as well as in the format of their lectures addressed to students, academics and scholars in the Academy.

"Reports" is a project that embraces scientific papers presented by leading experts of the Diplomatic Academy and contains exclusive research in modern international relations and global security.

"Diplomatic Dictionary" is a unique digital information resource that contains a profound classified list of terms and definitions in the sphere of international relations as well as such fields as law, politics, economics etc.

"Science Council for International Space Law" is established to coordinate scientific-methodological and expert-analytical quality assurance management of research in the field of international space law.

"School of Sustainable Development and Green Economy" initiated by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov is a competence center aimed at achieving sustainable development goals accepted by the UN for the period up to 2030. The School focuses on foreign policy expert support of Russian initiatives in green economy on the international arena.

"Diplomatic Service and Practice" is a unique journal, first of a kind in the world. It publishes articles by Russian and foreign politicians, diplomats, experts and prominent scholars. Its objective is to circulate the most up-to-date papers on modern diplomatic service, international relations and world politics that are of practical importance. The journal is a source of genuine information support for active diplomats.