Troyanskiy Mikhail Grigorevich,
Dear friends,
We will be glad to see you among the students of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

The history of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia dates from 1934. Today it is one of the largest and long established world known institutions educating career diplomats and other professional staff specializing in international relations, world economy, international law, and public administration with foreign language skills.

The Diplomatic Academy is staffed with well-qualified higher-education teaching personnel. The teaching staff numbering two hundred people include twenty-six doctors of science and full professors, 87 PhD degree holders and associate professors, eleven researchers, and two honored scholars. 19 members of the Diplomatic Academy are assigned diplomatic ranks, including 3 members of staff holding the rank of extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador. Our students enjoy the opportunity to listen to speeches made by senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, well-known politicians, high-ranking representatives of foreign countries visiting the Diplomatic Academy.

The Diplomatic Academy provides adequate academic, technical and information facilities. There are computer classrooms, satellite television, a reading hall and a library containing over 400,000 books in 70 languages.

Studying at the Academy to obtain professional knowledge and skills, you will also have an opportunity to be engaged in research activities and fully display your personal potential.

I am confident that you will make the right choice by joining the Diplomatic Academy. I look forward to seeing you as our students.

Selection committee и preparatory courses:

8 (499) 246-70-72
8 (499) 246-53-05
8 (499) 940-09-84
8 (499) 940-13-60

119021, Moscow, Ostozhenka 53/2, stroenie 1

Graduate school:

8 (495) 608-12-30
8 (499) 940-10-05 / ext.: 2

Moscow, Ostozhenka 53/2, stroenie 1

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