Diplomatic Service and Practice magazine

As of October 2020, the online magazine, Diplomatic Service and Practice, is being published by the Russian Foreign Ministry Diplomatic Academy.

The purpose of the magazine is to disseminate up-to-date content on modern diplomatic service, diplomatic protocol, international relations and global politics. The articles are penned by Russian and foreign diplomats, representatives of Russian and foreign government bodies, Russian and foreign international affairs experts.

The authors’ high level of professionalism and extensive practical and theoretical knowledge, coupled with the high relevance of the content that responds to the modern trends in global politics and international relations, make the magazine’s format unique.

Being the only media outlet of this kind in the world, Diplomatic Service and Practice makes a sizeable contribution to the theoretical interpretation of modern global politics and diplomatic service, and provides direct information support to practicing diplomats.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is the Chairman of the magazine’s council.

The magazine is registered with the Federal Supervision Service for Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), Registration Certificate EL No. FS 77 – 78891 of September 8, 2020.