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06 July 2023

Chief Researcher of the Institute of International Relations of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia E.Pashentsev made a presentation "Strategic communication between China and Russia in the BRICS in the context of the global crisis: challenges and prospects" at the international symposium "Global Security Management: Current Challenges and Solutions of China". He considered the importance of strategic cooperation between China and Russia within the framework of BRICS and analyzed some of the areas to improve the effectiveness of strategic communication between the two states, taking into account their national interests and possibilities.

The symposium was organized by the School of International Relations and the editors of the journal "International Security Studies" of the University of International Relations (Beijing). 110 IR scholars and experts from 12 countries, including China, Australia, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Israel, India, Pakistan, Russia, Slovakia, the US and South Korea, discussed current global security issues.