05 September 2023

Strangely, it is postmodern philosophy that provides the most adequate categories for geopolitical analysis in relation to the historical West and its prospects for the future. In particular, for the situation of the “unipolar moment” the “paradigm of a subject without an object” by J. Baudrillard is suitable, that is, the West “lost its shadow and became transparent to itself, down to a devitalized substance devoid of essence”. This is a kind of “passion without an object” and “master”, who, in the absence of an object, “begins to terrorize himself”.

Translated into ordinary language, with the end of the Cold War the geopolitical balance was lost and the West as a geopolitical construct lost its raison d'être. Moreover, he embarked on the path of self-destruction by absorbing his opposite. Such destruction of otherness or the Other has led to outright self-criticism, as can be seen in the example of Europe, when allies, as a result of sanctions boomerang, become the source of the reindustrialization of America. Previously, Japan was forced to accept this role.

In any case, turning to postmodern philosophy provides food for thought, and perhaps for realistic forecasting of the further development of this situation, which is unprecedented in recent history.